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Sheila Joynes Teaches Music Theory

Easy-to-understand Music Theory videos from Grade 1 to 5 from a well-known and much-loved teacher; we believe there's no better way to learn Music Theory Online

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Sheila says, "Try one of my videos for free - just click the ticket and I'll explain how you can receive one!"

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Watch this 1 minute video to meet Sheila.

Sheila Joynes has taught Cello, Piano, Double Bass, Singing and Theory of Music for 40 years.  She is an accomplished performer on Cello, Piano, Organ and Double Bass.  For 25 years she was Principal Cellist of the Chandos Symphony Orchestra.  Sheila is also a professional Choirmaster having been Director of Music at Pereshore Abbey.  Sheila is also a published composer - and she has a great sense of humour!  Read more.

Over the past 40 years, Sheila has developed many ways of making Music Theory easy to understand, interesting and fun!  Now she captures all this in her downloadable videos.   We believe no other form of Music Theory tuition compares with being taught by a great teacher whose encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject, skill and delightful teaching style has been loved by children and adults for 35 years. Read the genuine customer comments here.

You or your children can benefit from learning from a wonderful teacher who among her seven Grade 8s, has ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory with distinction and ABRSM Grade 8 Practical Musicianship with distinction.

These are downloadable videos - no DVDs in the post to wait for or get lost - you or your children could be learning and understanding Music Theory online with Sheila's downloadable videos, ten minutes from now.  Click here to try one for free.

A Customer said:

. . . I said it once and I wont stop saying this. Your lessons are WONDERFUL and FANTASTIC.  I am 45 Years old, am not at all a stranger to music theory since I am an intermediate violin student and beginning guitar player. Since I want to excel, I know that I can take grade 5, but I wanted to be sure so, I downloaded your lessons and thank goodness I did . . .

A genuine, unsolicited quote from 'CH' in Belgium in September 2011.

What do you receive?

  • A Downloadable Video or "module" which runs for between 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the content.  (All the running times are shown in the listings.)  There are five videos in Grade 1, just two in Grade 2, four in Grade 3, four in Grade 4 and four in Grade 5.
  • A Separate and individual downloadable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet for each module.
  • A downloadable PDF file containing extra information and/or all the written information, examples and music Sheila has shown during that module. The addresses of these PDFs are shown at the end of each video.
  • "Ask Sheila" - if there's something you really don't understand and the answer is not in the FAQ, drop Sheila an email.  As long as you're a registered customer, she will answer you personally, and add your question and answer to the FAQ for everyone's benefit.
  • A Mock Examination Paper for each grade to test your new knowledge.  The address is given in the final module of each level.
  • A Self-Assessment Answer Sheet - the address of this is at the bottom of the test paper.  If you think you're not quite ready, then watch the videos again to brush up on areas you may not be certain of.  The Grade 5 answers are also available on video - free, of course.
  • All these papers and documents are free downloads and are included in the price of the videos - there is nothing further to pay.

Sheila really has tried to think of everything to make it as easy as possible to learn Music Theory by online video.  If you, or your children need Music Theory tuition, here's an easy-to-understand source of expert knowledge from a super and highly regarded teacher - who is now becoming much loved all over the world!  This has been a six-year spare time project and Sheila is delighted to announce the Grade 5 videos are now all complete!

What's available?

  • The Grade 1 Videos are all complete and online now

  • The Grade 2 Videos are all complete and online now

  • The Grade 3 Videos are all complete and online now

  • The Grade 4 Videos in widescreen and higher definition are all complete and online now. (Modules 3 and 4 are in HD)

  • The Grade 5 Videos in widescreen and HD are available now

  • There is a special edition about Key Signatures - covering everything you need to know right from beginner to Grade 8.

A complete list of all the contents

All the subjects within each video are in this comprehensive list.

Browse Through Sheila's videos

Click the appropriate category at the top of the page.  Every teaching module is fully described and annotated in the online shop and Sheila promises all the videos needed to cover a complete Level or Grade (that's up to five complete downloadable video modules) will cost no more that one single music lesson.

A Customer said:

...I'm very impressed indeed. Fabulous teachings, easy to watch and to listen to. I have painstakingly searched through many a book, websites, even had tutoring  and nothing compares to this. It really works for me. Great stuff Sheila and team, hats off to you all and a big thank you , as I am starting my World Music BA Honours Degree this September and wanted to brush up on theory etc within a very short time space. This is just the best...

A genuine, unsolicited quote from DM in March 2011

Stuck at Grade 5?

Some music examining boards will not let you progress beyond a certain level or grade in your instrument examinations until you pass a certain grade of Music Theory.  Many music teachers do not teach theory, and often, those who teach in schools, simply do not have the time to cover theory alongside instrumental or vocal tuition - Sheila herself has this problem.  This can become a barrier the student cannot cross until that theory examination is passed.  These videos could help you or your children gain that important Grade 5 pass.

For Mums and Dads

Parents whose children are starting out learning music may find Sheila's video give them a real insight into the world their children are entering.  Understand the new words you will find your children using as well as helping them to understand better.  Learn together!

A Customer said:

"I have found your videos to be easy to follow and great to be able to rewind and listen as many times as necessary, I am currently going through Level 1 Module 1-5 but should be moving on to Level 2 soon.  I am learning from Greece so it was great to be able to find this facility through the internet and not worry about delays with the postal service!"

A genuine quote from LT in Greece, December 2011.

'Chaim' wrote in October 2012, "I am using your videos for review ( I already took Level 5 Exam and passed with over 90%) and I had so many "aha" experiences; Things I didn't understand even after the exam, or I thought I did and your lessons made it all click.  I am sure there are thousands of others out there like me and we ALL thank you.  You made a great contribution to the Musical Community, because there is NO such course on the entire Internet. There are some fine things out there but nothing like this and at such a low price too.  In my opinion you are charging way under the real value."  Thank you, Chaim!

Sheet Music too!

Sheila is just starting to put a few of her arrangements and compositions on this site as downloadable PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files.  For example, a piece she wrote for Double Bass with piano accompaniment, "The Old Sea Dog" is now one of the ABRSM Grade 3 Double Bass examination pieces.  Why buy the whole book when you can have just that one piece, direct from the composer, totally legally, for a tiny fraction of the cost?

How to receive a free video with Sheila's compliments

Free Video DetailsSheila would love you to try one of her videos, so drop her an email at If you're a new customer, we'll send you a voucher code to use at checkout time as full payment.  (We'll send you all the details of how it works when we email you your personal code.)  You really have nothing to lose!  By the way, creating and emailing vouchers is not an automated process, so your code may take a day to set up and email to you.

Thank you for visiting Sheila's Shop.  If you have any questions, email and we'll do our very best to help you.

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